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How to clean silver jewels?

Undoubtedly have you been offered a silver ring, silver earrings, a silver bracelet, a silver chain, or even a silver pendant. And you surely love this gift. The problem with silver jewelry, with a pearl or a gemstone, is that they tend to oxidize, to darken, to stain or even scratched. Below are some tips and tricks for jewelry cleaning, to remove stains on silver jewelery and safely perform maintenance even on oxidized silver.

Cleaning silver jewelry
Cleaning silver jewelry is made with an old toothbrush (soft only) soaked in water and sprinkled with baking soda or toothpaste.
Gently rub the silver jewelery with either of these products by paying attention to small ornaments or gems because they could take off . Do not forget to rinse!
You can also clean the jewelry with a soft brush soaked in the juice of a lemon. Rinse and wipe dry.

Cleaning silver jewelry with precious stones
Do not soak too long a ring or a silver necklace with precious stones in soapy water. Polish the jewelry with a barely damp microfiber cloth.
If the jewelry is very dirty, clean it with damp microfiber cloth by adding a drop of alcohol at 90 °. This treatment will show off your jewelry.

How to clean silver?

The silver items are always clean by hand with a soft sponge and soapy water. There are also specialized cleaning products on the market but nothing replaces the “elbow grease”.
For parts made ​​of precious wood – handles, bases or handles – use a cloth dampened with water only.
All parts must always be carefully wiped with a dry cloth.
To preserve the beauty of the different woods, it is advisable to use a regular suitable wax.
Silver decoration items can be dusted with a soft cloth.